Cameo Theatre ‘Snow White’ Movie Re-release Advertisement

Snow White and the Seven Vertically Challenged Fellas was released all the way back in 1937. But it had to wait until 1938 for a wider release. It took the world by storm! And as the shining star of the Walt Disney Company’s movie catalogue, it was only natural that it would see many re-releases over the years.

The paper advertisement I am featuring in this post was given away to promote just such a re-release of the movie by the Cameo Theatre in Morrisburg, Ontario, Canada. It may have been inserted into the local newspaper or given out at the theatre after other shows.

Let’s have a look:

8″ x 10″

Certainly not a glossy picture, this is actually printed on plain card stock. The image is crisp and clear with good colour. It simply shows the eight main characters of the movie.

The Cameo Theatre doesn’t appear to be in operation today. This isn’t surprising as many old theatres in small towns have closed due to economic downturns and the advent of huge cineplexes. But even in its heyday, you can see that it wasn’t much to look at:

Image – Claire Delage

The old Cameo Theatre sat across an alley from the Post Office and directly beside the “NuStyle” Beauty Salon (Gertrude Aikman, Proprietor) on Main Street. Every building to the right of the theatre was eventually torn down for newer development.

From the back of the card, we learn that the movie was re-released to this theatre on August 18th thru to the 20th. But of what year? To determine that, let’s have a look at the release dates for the US market and see what we can learn.

Release dates:

December 21st, 1937 – American Premiere / April 5th, 1938 – Original Release in Canada

From here on, I will only list the American re-release dates, as the assumption is that they loosely correspond with the Canadian dates:

February 22nd, 1944 / February 15th, 1952 / February 7th, 1958 / June 11th, 1967

December 20th, 1975 / July 15th, 1983 / July 15th, 1987 / July 2nd, 1993

Movies typically are released in Canada anywhere from concurrent to or up to one month after the original release in the United States. So that would place the arrival of Snow White in Morrisburg likely in either 1983, 1987, or 1993. To use further deductive reasoning, I think the artwork and patina of the paper point to the earliest date.

To postulate a tad further: Given that the theatre was old and, dare I say, run down, in the 1950’s (revisit image above), I think we may be able to assert that this advertisement was possibly for the 1967 re-release of the movie.

Regardless of the year it was given to eager patrons of the Cameo Theatre, this paper advertisement represents a nice piece of Disney history!

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