Walt Disney World Pricing Pamphlet – 1980

Today we take a trip back into history to a time when the average Joe could easily afford a ticket to The Vacation Kingdom. Yes folks, it’s 1980. So dig out your designer denim and pull on those jumpsuits… we’re going retro:

Side One

A quick visit to City Hall and you could pick up one of these handy pamphlets. It gave you everything you needed to know to buy your way into The Magic Kingdom. We are told that most people need at least two days to fully enjoy the Park. What packages are available? I’m glad you asked!

You can see the prices for juniors and children by enlarging the picture above, but for an adult Unlimited 2-day Passport it was only $19.00 US. Being as these never expired back then, I wish I had bought a truckload and stashed them away for future use!

Can’t handle that much fun? No problem! Choose access to only eight, twelve, or sixteen attractions, and the price drops. Can’t decide? Take the Guided Tour and they’ll help you make up your mind.

Helpful Facts: Wear a shirt. No bare-chested people allowed! No sneaking in outside food or drink. And Fido will have to stay at the Fort Wilderness Kennel and Livery for just $2.00 a day.

And now we’re ready to flip the pamphlet and visit the Walt Disney World Village:

Side Two

Many of the ticket packages included a complimentary ride over to the Village. And according to this pamphlet, ‘you simply must experience’ it! From Old World craftsmen, dozens of shops, and dining on a Mississippi riverboat (The Empress Lilly), ‘you haven’t seen the whole World till you’ve seen the Village’. Well, those 1980 people ain’t seen nuthin’ till they’ve seen today’s Disney Springs!

Finally, let’s compare past to present pricing for a 2-day ticket to The Magic Kingdom:

1980 – $19.00

2021 – $124.00

Now where’s my time machine?

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