Vintage 1970’s Walt Disney World Oversize Postcards

I’m sure there were more postcards in this ‘series’ but I only have three of them. But what a trio of nostalgic Theme Park fun they are! We get to visit both Fantasyland and Tom Sawyer Island (twice) in just one viewing.

First, let’s visit Injun Joe’s Cave on Tom Sawyer Island. As you’ll see, Mickey and his nephews (Morty and Ferdie) aren’t too sure if they should come along:

The Unknown Beckons

These postcards are 5″ x 6 3/4″ in size, which makes them oversized and likely subject to extra postage. But you get more room to write your message to all of the unfortunate people at home who couldn’t join you on your Walt Disney World vacation. So be sure to rub it in nice and good!

Back of Postcards

The back of each card is identical save for the message found in the bottom left corner. This message is themed to the image on the front of the card. You can read the blurb about Mickey and his nephews in the image above. You’ll also notice that these postcards have rounded corners.

Now it’s time to visit a new Land, namely, Fantasyland:

A Pooh-fectly Wonderful Time

I won’t show the back of these last two cards, for as mentioned, they are the same as the first, except for the message. But here is the message, so you don’t miss it: “Christopher Robin brings a smile to all his friends with his brightly colored balloons – even gloomy old Eeyore is sure to cheer up when the gang visits Fantasyland, the happiest kingdom of them all.”

Now it’s back to Tom Sawyer Island for some hijinks in the water. In the water?

B’ar-rel Bridge Bouncin’

Yes, it looks like this scene shouldn’t involve so much water, if any at all. But if we read the message from the back of the postcard, we see the problem: “Huey, Dewey and Louie love crossing the floating barrel bridge on Tom Sawyer Island – except when Br’er Bear steps into the act!” Poor Br’er Bear. He’s just trying to join in on the fun!

These were printed in 1979 and were likely available in the Parks well into the early 1980’s. None of the ones I have presented here were sent back home to family or friends but each one has some scribbling on the backs. I think the ‘artist’ was under 5 years of age.

I prefer the postcards I collect to be blank, but I have a friend who prefers to see the messages, thus getting a better glimpse of the times and places depicted thereon. What’s your preference?

FUN FACTS: Postcards became more common and began to be sent internationally after the first Congress of the General Postal Union, which met in Bern, Switzerland in October 1874. The earliest known picture postcard was a hand-painted design on card created by the writer Theodore Hook. Hook posted the card to himself in 1840 from Fulham, London, England.

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