“Welcome to a World of Vacation Adventures” Pamphlet

This promotional or sales pamphlet is the same size as a standard Park Guide Map. But instead of giving you information about a Park you have already purchased admission to, this piece of ephemera is designed to help you decide where you will go, what you will do when you get there, and how much money you will spend doing it.

Featuring attractions and pricing for the 1981 season, we get a look back at what a buck could buy Mr. Joe Average:

Front Cover – 3 1/2″ x 8 1/2″

Instead of just buying a one or two day ticket to an individual Park, this pamphlet was designed to sell potential Walt Disney World guests a complete vacation package, or ‘adventure’.

We have a variation on the z-fold flyer as we open things up to see what we are offered:

Pamphlet Opened

If may be hard to see in the images, but the paper is blue in colour.

Now let’s have a look at the first two adventures:

Adventure Pricing

World Adventure: This represents an amazing deal, especially when matched against 2021 pricing! You get 5 nights in a Deluxe Resort, 6 days at the Magic Kingdom with unlimited access to all rides and attractions, and coupons for food and additional fun. The price? Only $520.00 US for one adult! I think it would cost you that for a 1-night stay in the Contemporary Resort today. Sign me up!

Villa Adventure: Again you get 5 nights, but this time in a Villa, 6 days at the Magic Kingdom, food coupons, and some fun activity coupons as well. This will cost you only $681.00 US for one adult!

I think I’m going to start a Go Fund Me account to build a time machine.

Adventure Outdoors

Camping Adventure: You get 5 nights on a camp site or in a fully-equipped Fleetwood Travel Trailer, 6 days in the Magic Kingdom, those tasty food coupons, and the fun coupons as well. This will only set you back $195.00 US for one adult on a campsite or $444.00 US for the trailer. Either way, it’s a deal. And Fort Wilderness had its own Steam Train back then!

General Booking Information: Here we see the usual payment details and legal information. Don’t forget that your pet is not welcome, even on the Fort Wilderness sites! So Fido will have to stay at the Fort Wilderness Kennel or the Walt Disney World Kennel Club for just $3.00 US a day.

Coupons & Other Stuff

So we’ve briefly mentioned that each booking comes with fun coupons. But what do you do with those? You can enlarge the image above for a detailed accounting of the offerings available back then. From dinner shows to shopping, from golf and tennis to a water park or animal reserve, you had no shortage of places to redeem those little coupons of fun!

Yes, Mr. Joe Average could afford to take his entire family on a fun-filled week of adventure, at least back in 1981.

But seriously. Go Fund Me. All of us. A time machine. Who’s in?

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