Zink Dumbo the Flying Elephant ‘Piggy’ Bank

I’ve always found it hard to determine the exact metals that some collectables are made out of. Without a stamp of some kind, it’s so hard to tell. We’ll have a look at some letters found on this figure later and see what we can determine. But what we do know for a certainty at this point is that this little guy is cute!

At just a little over 4″ tall, Dumbo the Flying Elephant is all smiles and ears:

The little red scarf is a nice touch, although I don’t remember him having anything like it in the actual movie. However, with the pompom fringe, it is circus correct.

With his trunk raised he is ready to let out a mighty ‘Snork!’ ‘Snork’, you ask? I recommend that you google ‘Tim Conway Elephant Story’ and treat yourself to one of the funniest takes on pachyderm anatomy of all time!

Here is a shot for posterior. I heard that poor Dumbo was the butt of many a joke. Butt don’t quote me on that as I’ve never met his family, not even his mighty father: Gluteus Maximus. But I’m positively mooning over Dumbo and should probably stop and get on with the post…

This is quite a heavy piece and so has a felt pad glued to the bottom to prevent scratching of delicate surfaces.

Many times the plugs for Piggy Banks are missing. Usually they are rubber discs with a ridge that simply presses into the opening. That’s why they are so easy to lose. But this one is made of the same metal as the main body of the bank and turns out with a quarter twist.

You can see that the plug has the letters F.B.R. and EP Zink Japan engraved on it. I can’t find any information as to what these letters stand for. But ep zinc (with a ‘c’) seems to relate to a zinc alloy silver plating process. So this bank is likely cast out of some lesser metal and then plated with a low grade silver. Obviously it was made in Japan, and although setting an exact date for manufacture is difficult, we know that most Disney-related merchandise made in Japan tends to be fairly early (like, pre-80’s).

For another piece from my collection that is made out of the same material, check out my previous post: Pewter Winnie the Pooh Bank. I should probably update that post, or at the very least, rename it!

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