“Welcome to The WDW Vacation Kingdom” Pamphlet – 1983

Time is advancing and prices are going up, but we are continuing on our journey through my ephemera collection. We are now in 1983 and this particular pamphlet is Welcom(ing us) To The Walt Disney World Vacation Kingdom.

Is this auspicious year, there are only The Magic Kingdom and EPCOT Center for you to choose from. Unless you count the Walt Disney World Village, Discovery Island, and the Kennels. Which you can thanks to the helpful information contained within…

Cover: 4″ x 9″

I love the artwork on the cover of this pamphlet! Although I have to say that the artist used some pretty liberal artistic license in his or her depiction of Cinderella Castle and Spaceship Earth. To wit, the golf ball is only 180 feet high with the castle topping out at 189 feet, making it the taller of the two. But with the perspective of the two icons in the image above, Spaceship Earth towers over the castle! And they’re not even in the same Park! And since when did the monorail cut across the castle entrance?

Okay, I’m just having a little fun here! Artists regularly play with the placement and sizing of icons and attractions in marketing materials such as this one. But you can imagine the confusion of a first-time visitor who didn’t do their research before arriving!

Inside Spread

This pamphlet is designed to sell guests on World Passports and multiple-day passes. These are a good deal when you compare them to single-day tickets. To illustrate, note that a 3-Day World Passport good for both Parks is only $35.00 US for an adult whereas a 1-Day Ticket to just one of the Parks is $15.00 US. You don’t have to be a math Professor to calculate the better deal! Go for the 4-Day World Passport at just $45.00 US for an adult and you’re almost printing those Disney Dollars!

6-Day World Passports and Annual World Passports were also available.

Special Events included The Mickey Mouse Character Parade running down Main Street U.S.A. and International Entertainment over at EPCOT Center. Kennel service is now a ‘nominal fee’.

Back of Pamphlet

On the back of the pamphlet we are reminded that there is ‘another magic corner of the World’ – Walt Disney World Village. Reserve early for your seat at Breakfast a la Disney, complete with character interaction. Only $5.50 US per adult and just $4.50 US for children!

Next, hop on a boat and head on over to Discovery Island where ‘paradise awaits’! Of course, this will cost you an extra $3.00 US for adults and $1.50 US for children. Once again we can see that Mr. Joe Average could certainly afford to treat his family to days of fun and frolic in The Vacation Kingdom.

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