Disney Transport Die-Cast Parking Tram

So when do the rides start at a Disney Park? And just what is an ‘Attraction’? I consider anything that I can get onto or into and be moved by as all part of the Disney Experience! So load me on the parking tram, the ferry boat, the monorail, and let the fun begin!

Disney is proficient at getting their guests involved right from the get go. Or in the case of the toy I’m featuring in this post, right from the parking lot! The Disney Transport system is vast, but most often, the first moving thing you interact with at Disney is:

Why Aren’t they Electric?

Just don’t forget what section you parked in or you may be taking a few extra rides on the parking trams!

And yes, why aren’t they electric powered? With the Tomorrowland Speedway, I prefer the gas-powered-smoke-spewing-smelly engines. Hey, it’s all part of the experience! But I do believe that the parking trams could be more environmentally friendly. Perhaps range is the problem given how many miles they clock on any given shift?

I love the little details on this Die Cast model. The windshield wiper kills me!

Tram Passenger Car – Side View

As you will see by watching the embedded video at the end of this post, this Die Cast model is very true to the original vehicles. Right down to the colour combination.

One difference is that all three of the cars in the Die Cast version have tail lights whereas the actual trams only have tail lights on the last car. This is probably to save costs on manufacturing as only one mold is necessary, one with lights.

Tram Passenger Car – Bottom View

I bought this at Walt Disney World likely sometime between 2010 and 2015. No doubt they are still available today. They are a nice keepsake for collectors of vehicle toys at under $20 US.

All Coupled and Ready for Passengers

Actual trams have six cars instead of the three cars as with the Die Cast model.

If you’d like to take a ride on a Disney Transport parking tram, please enjoy the video below. At about the halfway point it switches to a drive-by past an empty tram. This really gives you the opportunity to see all of the details of the vehicle and to compare it to the Die Cast version.

Excellent View of Actual WDW Parking Tram

Parking Trams at Disney Parks have been discontinued for most of 2020 and all of 2021 up to the date of this post. But rumors say that most of the parking Cast Members have been recalled which should indicate that the service may return as early as this June. We’ll have to wait and see!

When we visited Disneyland in California, we noted that the Parking Trams had a different, more streamlined, styling:

Disneyland Parking Tram – 2012

At least the engine did!

If you’re like me, not only can’t you wait to get back to the Parks, but you also yearn for that anticipation-building ride aboard the Disney Transport Parking Trams!

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