“Welcome to the WDW Vacation Kingdom” Pamphlet

WELCOME! We’re glad you’re here. The “World’s” a pretty big place so we’ve prepared this brief guide to get you started. Please take a few moments to read it, then enjoy your stay in the Vacation Kingdom of the World!

In this post we take one last trip into the past to check on pricing for the various World Passports that were available, this time, in 1985.

But first, let’s geek out over the awesome artwork on the cover of this pamphlet:

Front of Pamphlet

Mother and Father and little guy too, all look perfectly symmetrical in bold lines and simple colours. And dig the stylized Castle, Spaceship Earth, and Main Street buildings!

Now let’s get down to business. The business at hand is just how much is it going to cost Mr. Joe Average to take his family to the Vacation Kingdom? This ‘welcome’ pamphlet has the answer:

Inside of Pamphlet

For only $45.00 US per adult and $37.00 US per child, you can visit both the Magic Kingdom and EPCOT Center for three days, ride all of the attractions, and use all Disney transportation. And you don’t have to use these days consecutively! Want to add an extra day? It’s only another $10.00 US for adults and $8.00 for children. Want a 3-4 hour Guided Tour of either Park? No problem: Just shell out another $4.50 US per adult and $3.00 US per child. Don’t forget that your pets aren’t welcome inside the Parks, so check’em in at the Walt Disney World Kennel Club for ‘a nominal fee’. Add a trip to Discovery Island for just $4.00 US per adult and $2.00 US per child.

Special Events are always changing at the Parks, and in 1985 we saw a new character parade at the Magic Kingdom called Mickey’s Street Party. Have a look:

Vintage Goodness. Vintage Video Quality.

It was basically Disney characters walking down the street with a few lackluster floats thrown in here and there. But a fun watch!

Also recommended in the pamphlet is the world’s biggest sight and sound extravaganza called Laserphonic Fantasy, playing nightly at EPCOT Center. It wasn’t easy to find a good video of this vintage show, but below is the best I could do:

Let’s conclude with a look at the remaining options for the Disney guests of 1985:

Back of Pamphlet

First, as always, you could shop! The Walt Disney World Shopping Village (now Disney Springs) featured all of the merchandise and food you could want. Check out the Empress Lily Riverboat for the amazing character Breakfast a la Disney ($6.50 US for adults and $5.50 US for children).

Second, pick between three options for Disney Workshops. Adults would need to shell out an additional $10.00 US on top of the usual Park admission price. But for 3 hours? That was a deal to end all deals!

So how do the 1985 prices stack up against the 1983 prices we featured in an earlier post? There was a 30% increase in cost between those two years. And what is the increase between 1985 and 2021? A whopping 7 times higher pricing for a three day ticket now… to just one Park! You have to add even more hard-earned cash to Park Hop in the Millennium.

Yes, Mr. Joe Average of the 1980’s certainly had an easier time of it when it came to paying for that once in a lifetime Disney vacation!

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