Pixar’s CARS Mini RC Racers with ‘Trailers’

“Gentlecars, start your engines!” Or: “Put in your batteries, flick the controller switch to on, slide the other switch to the correct frequency number, and now flick your vehicle switch to on!” I think that second spiel would be a tad too long to recite before a race, don’t you?

I picked up these two toys at a charity shop some years ago and never really gave them much attention. I thought they looked cool but got distracted with other things and never figured out just what they were or what they did. But now I know! So after $2.00 to buy them and $15.00 worth of batteries, I now know that I actually have two mini RC racers:

Raring to Go!

And when I say ‘mini’, I mean MINI! Yes, these little wonders are about one inch long. But they do move forward and backwards and turn… slightly.

Each car has its own carrier which doubles as the remote control. You can see the forward and reverse buttons in the middle picture above. Also in that picture is the frequency selector which goes from 1 to 4. Each vehicle comes with a pre-set frequency number. Each carrier also has a folding ring so that you can hang them from… something.

Cute as buttons, no? In the pictures above you can see a little black bump on the roof of each vehicle. These are the antennae that receive the signal from the controllers. Speaking of the controllers, the range is very limited, perhaps about six feet or so.

The picture, above right, shows the frequency number for each vehicle: ‘1’ for Lightning McQueen and ‘3’ for Tow Mater. The circular ‘hatches’ are the battery compartments (see also the picture, below right).

The controller uses three size 675 hearing aid batteries with the vehicles using only one battery of the same size.

And now for a very short video, shot in the annoying narrow vertical phone format, showing Tow Mater in action:

To get an idea of just how small these vehicles are, take a look at Lightning McQueen compared to my size 12 foot:

Be Careful Where You Step!

I have no information when these were made, but my guess would be sometime between 2006 (when Cars the movie was released) and 2011 (when Cars2 was released). They would have been released to promote the first movie, and not any of the sequels, because of the paint job on McQueen. And he has Luigi’s white walled tires! That look is so first movie.

I hope you enjoyed your time at the track… er, blog today!

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