EPCOT Center Eastman Kodak Information Wheel

There really is no end to the interesting pieces of ephemera that focus on the Disney properties. These little pieces of paper and card, meant to be viewed and then thrown away, endure in the hands of Disneyana collectors. Like me!

I got this particular oddity from a fellow collector who had received it during one of her visits to Walt Disney World in 1982. Let’s have a look:

Size – 6″ x 6″

This is made of a hard cardboard stock for the outer covers with a few gloss paper pages inside. It opens up like a flipbook. But the main feature that stands out is the wheel embedded into the back cover that can be viewed from two sides to reveal information about EPCOT Center and the full range of Kodak film products.

The next image gives us a glimpse at this feature:

Map Information Wheel

Note the reddish tab to the right that says ‘Spaceship Earth’. Now look left to read a tid bit of information about that attraction: “Trace man’s progress in communication from the dawn of civilization.” Now look to the bottom of the card and you’ll see an artistic rendering of the attraction itself with a number, in this case, the number ‘1’.

As we turn the dial, this is what we find:

2 – Communicore: Experience tomorrow’s ideas and inventions today

3 – Universe of Energy: Follow the energy story from the dinosaur to energy forms of the future

4 – Horizons: Determine your own future as you choose from four lifestyles of tomorrow

5 – World of Motion: Enjoy a moving presentation on the marvel of mobility

6 – Journey Into Imagination: Get a child’s-eye view of imagination and test your own creativity

7 – The Land: Discover the harvests of the future

8 – The American Adventure: The American spirit “brought to life” through dazzling special effects

9 – Mexico – Join in a fiesta of colorful crafts, food and fun

10 – China – See never-before-filmed views of China’s past and present

11 – Germany – It’s always Oktoberfest! The best of German fare and finery

12 – Italy – Re-discover the Renaissance in the elegant shops of Doge’s Palace

13 – Japan – Sample exotic taste treats. Take a fresh, new look at an ancient culture

14 – France – Enjoy French cuisine, crafts and culture

15 – United Kingdom – Gabled rooftops and a traditional pub in a typically British setting

16 – Canada – Discover the rugged spirit of the vast Canadian wilderness

Morocco (1984) and Norway (1988) are missing, of course, as neither of these pavilions were part of the World Showcase of Nations in 1982. As you turn the wheel you can match the numbers of the various attractions to the map attached above.

World Showcase

The next spread of the information guide gives a more detailed listing of stand-out features from each Land. It’s fun to read through the list and see which ones are now defunct!

Future World

Flip up the page and now we are treated to a similar spread about Future World. It’s filled with details about what one can expect while exploring the various sections of this futuristic landscape.


Flip again and find a spread about the various pieces of information you may need to make your visit a fun and safe one.

Turn the Wheel of Film

The back cover has the other side of the Wheel of Information (as I’ve come to call it). This time you go from A to H on a journey of discovery into the amazing products offered by our sponsor, Eastman Kodak. Each and every one of these fine offerings can still be found today… at your local Antique Mall.

One thing that stands out is that you could borrow a new camera absolutely free from the folks at Kodak! Yes, just walk up and a Kodak disc camera or Kodamatic instant camera would be placed into your sweaty little hands. But you had to buy your own film. But the advice was free and available from the experts hanging out at the Journey Into Imagination pavilion.

This information guide was compliments of the Eastman Kodak Company. This post is compliments of Dis-Lee and the blog. For more offerings from Kodak, check out this 1987 Souvenir Guide from Disneyland. Our guest contributor, Nick, shared it with us from his personal collection.

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