Pixar’s Little Green Men (LGM) Candle

Little green men, or LGMs, is the stereotypical terminology for extraterrestrials who appear as little humanoid-like creatures with green skin. According to Pixar, they also say “Ooooooooooh” a lot! It was actually in the 1950’s that little green men came into popular usage in reference to aliens as reports of flying saucers exploded across North America. But again, Pixar kicked it into high gear when, in 1995, they released the CGI masterpiece Toy Story. And the rest is little green history!

Merchandising has always loved LGMs. Marry an LGM to a Disney / Pixar project, and you get a merchandising storm! And out of the calm of that storm came an unusual… candle?

To Ignition… and Beyond!

Light it up! Our LGM seems quite chuffed with his flashy red and white rocket. However, in the movie, the LGM’s seem to ascend by means of another way. Namely: The Claw! I found a video that explains their fascination with this device. Perhaps you will find it illuminating:

Yeah, I have no idea what that was either.

Is he standing too close?

I understand that he needs to be up close and personal with the rocket to light the ignition fuse, but… isn’t that a little too close? I mean, LGMs aren’t known for fast running!

A damaged rocket… what could go wrong?

This candle stands at about 4″ tall and is made entirely of wax. So if I were to light it, I wouldn’t have it in my collection for very much longer.

Released in December of 2009, this could have been to promote the original Toy Story movie or Toy Story 2 (1999) but not Toy Story 3 (2010) or any later installment of the franchise.

Not into candles? How about LGMs pretending to be other Disney/Pixar characters? It’s worth a click to check out the link!

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