Disney Mickey Mouse 2 Pack Silicone Trivets

What is a ‘trivet’? In olden times, it was an iron tripod placed over a fire for a cooking pot or kettle to stand on. Later, it became a small metal plate with short legs, especially one put under a hot platter or dish to protect a table. These would also be placed on a counter. But in modern times, metal is so passé! And legs on my trivet? No thank you! Give me a slab of silicone shaped like a piece of a mouse and I’m cooking with style.

Or better yet, make it two pieces of a mouse:

After all, I have more than one pot. Before we unpack our modern trivets, let’s have a look at the vintage versions:

TRI-vet = Three Legs
Still three legs, but now shorter

So later trivets were more portable and didn’t require any set-up. There were even fruit, plant, and animal-themed trivets:

Old School Owl versus New School Mouse

Okay, we live in the here-and-now, so let’s get our trivets unpacked and have a look at the modern way to protect our surfaces:

The Hidden Mickey head trivet provides about 8″ of surface area with the pants providing only about 6″. In my opinion I think these are not the best for their intended purpose. They have a raised ridge along the edges and are not solid rubber, but a pliable silicone. Maybe a heavy pot might heat and bend the trivet. Perhaps it would be better to use these for placing dirty spoons on between stirrings?

My wife noticed the care instructions: Spot clean only. So no putting them in the dishwasher or even submerging them in a sink full of soapy water to clean. A damp wipe only? Best not to get them too dirty, so my spoon idea may not be the best!

I’m amused by simple things and so found the pattern used on the back of the packaging to be a highlight of this product. Can you imagine this as wallpaper? Trippy!

Need a Disney-themed pot holder to lift that heavy pot from the stove to the trivet? No problem! Just check out my earlier post for a few suggestions.

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