Disney Store Minnie’s Box Lunches Snow Globe

Building a Building is a Mickey Mouse Short produced in 1933 by Walt Disney Productions and released by United Artists.

The Short depicts Mickey working at a construction site under the supervision of Peg-Leg Pete while Minnie Mouse is selling box lunches to the workers. Of course, poor Mickey gets into a fight with Pete and the usual mayhem ensues! The collectible I’m featuring in this post is from the Disney Store and shows the conclusion of the story:

Wow! Lunch and a Smooch!

Why are Mickey and Minnie getting so cozy on the cart? Because in the Short, Mickey is fired from the construction site, and then immediately goes into business with Minnie selling box lunches. So in one day Mickey scores a best gal and a lucrative business!

Promotional Poster

As we see in the poster above, at least Mickey did get to eat some lunch!

In the Short, Minnie’s wagon is pulled by none other than Pluto. When Pluto first appeared, he was Minnie’s dog and not Mickey’s. So to recap: Mickey gets the girl, a business, and a dog.

Disney Store Exclusive

We purchased this from the Disney Store many years ago for $14.50 CAN. If you read the ‘warning’ sticker, it sums up my philosophy about toys in general: Keep away from children! I know, I should learn to share.

Shake it Up

Mickey’s heart goes all aflutter when he gets a kiss from Minnie. So aflutter that it appears to burst out of his chest, multiply, and swirl around them! Weird.

I thought this was a nice twist on the traditional snow globe, having the floating particles be red hearts.

FUN FACTS: Building a Building was the 51st Mickey Mouse short film, and the first of 1933 and the second Mickey Mouse cartoon nominated for an Oscar. And it was pretty funny too!

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