Walt Disney Showcase Collection: Canadian Mickey

Is there anything more Canadian than a Lumberjack? Maybe a beaver. A Mountie. A tuque. Hockey. Tim Horton’s. Okay, but a Lumberjack is up there! Maybe top three.

He’s a Lumberjack, and he’s Okay.

He sleeps all night and works all day!

These famous song lyrics apply to the rugged Canadian Lumberjack and the little, happy-go-plucky Mickey Mouse. I guess if you give a plaid shirt and an axe to just about anyone, they’re going to strike a pose and eventually attack a tree.

I think you’ll agree that no one makes Botanical assault look so stylish as does our Lumberjack Mickey:

For the non-Canadians among us, the red and white jagged-thingy’s along the base of the figurine are stylized Maple leaves, which are on the Canadian flag and a symbol of Canada itself.

You can see several Canadian symbols within this figurine. The tuque (a close-fitting knitted stocking cap) is pulled down firmly on Mickey’s noggin, and a smiling beaver (a large, semiaquatic rodent, Castor Canadensis, known for their long chisel-like incisors) is peeking out from behind Mickey’s left leg.

Disney Traditions is a line of merchandise by Jim Shore. They have a unique patchwork pattern with other stylized flourishes. This figurine is part of the Walt Disney Showcase Collection. It’s made in China for Enesco.

What else can I tell you about the Canadian Lumberjack? Well, let me break into song:

He cuts down trees, he eats his lunch,

He goes to the lavatory.

On Wednesdays he goes shopping,

And has buttered scones for tea.

No one ever said the Lumberjack was the most manly of men! For two other characters who may not exactly claim that title either, check out two more figurines I have from the Walt Disney Showcase Collection starring Lumiere and Cogsworth.

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