Finding Nemo “Mine Mine Mine” Seagulls Figurine

Who’s? Well, it could only belong to those three noisy seagulls! What? Anything that they can sea! See what I did there? Pixar gave us a good run of amazing animated movies. Finding Nemo is definitely one of my all-time favorites with the seagull characters being among the funniest elements of the production!

So naturally some sweet seagull merch was destined to find its way into my collection.

And with that, we have a figurine / paperweight / note holder / thingy:

I saw this in the gift shop when exiting The Seas with Nemo & Friends attraction in EPCOT at Walt Disney World. But although sorely tempted I did not succumb to the urge to purchase. But years later I found it at a local Charity Shop for just a few dollars and… it was finally mine, mine, mine! See what I did there?

Seagulls at The Seas in EPCOT

These animatronic seagulls come to life occasionally, usually when a wave hits them. It’s a fun thing to watch while waiting in the line.

They look good from all sides! This is basically a figurine but could be used as a paperweight or a note holder. The signs on the sticks are slotted and a piece of paper will slip in and stay put.

The Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage at Disneyland was cool! And it also has a cameo appearance by the three ‘Mine Mine Mine’ seagulls. They call out their signature phrase every so often.

Now just so you understand why seagulls might become so much a part of a Pixar film, it’s possibly because they are everywhere in Florida and California! So I’m pretty sure the animators on Finding Nemo would have been aware of them.

Picture One: Seagulls atop the boat launch outside the Magic Kingdom (WDW)

Picture Two: A lonely seagull on an actual Florida beach

Picture Three: Another lonely seagull perched atop a pole at a Friendship Taxi dock (WDW)

Yes, I tend to get a bit fixated on the weirdest things. In case you were wondering, the three pictures above are mine, mine, and mine.

See what I did there?

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