Garage Sale of Vintage Disney Collectibles

I’ve gotten to a place in my collecting where I only have room for the best of the best. So after years of procuring almost everything I saw (a slight exaggeration) I have now started the process of thinning out the shelves, ledges, tables, and boxes full of… stuff!

To wit: I have just finished an epic two-day Garage Sale.

You never know how a garage or yard sale is going to go. Most visitors are expecting junk and are intending to pay very little for it. So filling tables with good items worth more than a buck is risky.

Our Garage Sale was a complete success! We made three times the amount we were hoping for and still have some things left over to liquidate on e-sites. What was the secret of our success?

1 – Advertise. I put adds on Kijiji and FaceBook Marketplace. And plenty of road signs!

2 – Ensure a good selection. I peppered in non-Disney items to pad the final take.

3 – Pricing. I kept the individual prices well below Internet norms.

4 – Focus on volume of sales and not on getting big money for every item.

We added making the experience pleasant for every visitor with friendliness and jokes. Good jokes. Not Dad-jokes.

And don’t forget the 25 cent bin (lower left). Everyone loves a cheap piece of plastic shaped like their favorite IP.

Something else that comes from having a sale is that you soon learn what you want to keep. As you see an item sitting on the table waiting for a new home, you may have second thoughts and realize that you really can’t part with it. That happened to us with the Sailor Mickey hugging Duffy plush in the picture above. He was pulled from the sale and came back home with us. But we only did that with about three items!

So how about you? Have you reduced your collection by means of a garage or yard sale? Did it go as well as you’d hoped? Or do you find Internet selling sites are better?

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