Mini Disney ‘Fab Five’ Bone China Figurines

John, Paul, George, and Ringo may have taken the world by storm in the 1960s, but before they ever became FAB, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, and Pluto rocked that nickname! Well, actually, you have to swap out Daisy for Goofy, but you get the idea.

I never understood why Daisy Duck never got the same love as the other main Disney characters. She was certainly a long-suffering sidekick to Donald and has waited just as long for a proposal as Minnie has. She’s earned the FAB moniker!

As compensation, I’ll be including two Daisy figurines in this post. More of her later, but first, let’s meet the group:

Coming in at just under 2″ tall each the Disney gang lines up for a group picture. All appear in their signature clothing styles.

These miniature figurines show some minor paint wear. The animation style of the sculpts is reminiscent of the 1940s or 1950s but I can’t say for sure if they date from either of those eras.

Pluto sits pretty. Do you think he looks a little younger than his normal appearance? He almost looks closer to a pup than an adult dog to me. But definitely cute!

Daisy shows the most paint wear, as you can see how faded she is from the front compared to her back. She also looks a little too demure for her feisty character, don’t you think?

Now as promised I present another miniature version of Daisy. She is a little bigger in size than the figurine that goes with this set:

Same Pose – Different Outfits / Size

The Daisy on the left (above) has much better paint than the other Daisy. She is slightly taller and is a bit more rotund. But don’t tell her I said so! As the pose is identical, I have to assume another set was released featuring the entire character lineup. But was it produced before or after the smaller set?

Being made in Taiwan doesn’t help to date these figurines. But the addition of ‘Bone China’ on the larger Daisy might. I’d say the larger set came after the smaller. Usually later sculpts are less detailed (note how the larger Daisy has a simpler blouse) or larger to make manufacture easier. The addition of ‘Bone China’ on the larger Daisy would simply be because there was now room for that detail to be printed on the limited area afforded on the bottom of the figurines. Make sense?

Either way, I had forgotten that there were variations on these figurines. Now I have to hunt the wide world over to find Large Mickey, Large Minnie, Large Donald, and Large Pluto! Will my labors never be done? My wife hopes so. I hope not.

To see a unique piece of merchandise featuring the oft-overlooked Daisy, check out her Nascar crossover promotional item. And to see which of Disney’s Fab Five you are, just click the link and take the survey!

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