Disney Pin Trading featuring Unique Pins

Disney pin trading is undoubtedly one of the longest running promotional gimmicks the company has ever created. Vinylmations, Tsum Tsum, and other fads have come and gone for the most part, but those small, enamel pins live on! These collectible pins can feature Disney characters, attractions, icons, events or any other element designers feel will sell. The practice is a hobby officially supported and promoted by Disney.

Prices can now range from just under $10.00 to well over $20.00 or more. Ouch! But it is a fun way to remember a vacation or commemorate a special event enjoyed while at a Disney Park.

This post will feature three pins from my personal collection that I feel have a unique element about them. First:

The subject matter, Mickey as a Canadian Mountie, is not unique in itself. But the fact that the pin is primarily a bronze cast with only enamel highlights, is. By the way, I’ve lived in Canada all of my life and have never seen a real Canadian Mountie! For a mounted police force so tied to my country, you’d think I’d have tripped over one at least once.

Why I included this pin was because of the pin back. It isn’t the more traditional Hidden Mickey variation. Instead, it’s a more generic metal pin back. I believe this dates this pin as an earlier release. It also refers to an AMX Official Licensee. I can’t find any information about this company.

The next pin was one I received on a lanyard in Disney Springs at the “Disney Design-a-Tee presented by Hanes” innovative next-generation store for apparel souvenirs at Downtown Disney in the Walt Disney World Resort. Wow. That was a mouthful!

This pin was given away in 2009 as part of the Hanes Comfort Rewards Program. I don’t remember exactly why I got one when visiting the shop, unless I was there during the opening festivities, which is possible, but I rarely look a free gift horse in the mouth regardless!

In 2011, Hanes announced a new Rewards Program called just Comfort Rewards.  You could earn points on each Hanes purchase you made and then save your points and redeem them for items such as free products. It now seems to have been revamped and renamed Total Rewards.

I enjoy collecting unique and exclusive items! Next is a fun little pin with the Hidden Mickey feature:

As you can see, this pin is in the shape of a pennant. A Pennant is a long triangular or swallow-tailed flag denoting a sports championship or other achievement. In this case, it is advertising Walt Disney World and emulates the actual pennants you can still buy at the Vacation Kingdom.

Disneyland Version of Cloth Pennant

The pin is a version known as HM (Hidden Mickey pin). They always have a little black Hidden Mickey shape somewhere on the front of the pin.

This pin is also a WDW (Walt Disney World® Resort) release. As you can see, Pin Traders have an acronym for everything to do with pin trading! I’ve found literally dozens.

Released in 2012, this pin is part of a five-pin Hidden Mickey set. Below is a picture of the complete set:

What’s your favorite colour?

My favorite colour is red, so I’m happy to have just this one version. Releasing multiple versions of the same thing is a sure-fire way to get Disney Fans to buy, buy, buy, though! Admit it: It works on you too, right?

I have multiple sets of pins. At one time, we used to buy 12 pins per Walt Disney World visit, each to commemorate some new thing we experienced or place we visited. Then I would attach them to belts and hang them on the wall for display. It certainly was a different way of remembering our vacations! Do you collect Disney Pins? For a different kind of pin, check out my cool DREAM pin!

FUN FACTS: Do you know what a Pinjury is? It is defined, in Pin Trading circles, as the unintentional stabbing of oneself with a pin post, sometimes drawing blood. Is that really a thing?

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