Hallmark Cards Walt’s 100th ‘High Five’ Ornament

“Give me five!” A ‘High Five’ is a gesture of celebration or greeting in which two people slap each other’s open palm with their arms raised. The ‘five’ refers to the number of fingers on each hand. It appears to have come into use and was thus popularized by sports athletes in the late 1970s and was added to the dictionary in 1980. But the ‘Low Five’ is purported to have preceded the higher slap by many years, being a part of African-American culture since the 1920s.

And in 2001, the High Five was immortalized in cast form by Hallmark Cards:

Give Me Some Skin !

Other fun ways to use the gesture is to pull your hand away at the last moment while calling out “Too slow!” or you could combine two interactions with a high five followed by a low five, or you can playfully leave me hanging by not responding to the call to engage. But be careful with that last one, for it can also be interpreted as an insult.

Walt was born in 1901 which would make the year 2001 his 100th birthday. Of course, he passed away in 1966 at the age of 65, so this is now more of an anniversary of a life remembered by those who respected the man.

The base is in the shape of a star. This may be to commemorate the Stars Walt was awarded along the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The award was given in 1960 in the category of Television. The Star was laid at 6747 Hollywood Blvd.

Walt Disney also received a Star for Motion Pictures, as seen above, left. Walt’s brother, Roy O. Disney, received his star at 6833 Hollywood Blvd. in 1998 in the category of Motion Pictures as well.

Star of the Show

Hallmark Cards has released so much excellent Disney merchandise over the years! This is just another reason to keep your eyes open, for some of the best Disney goodies can be found both outside the Parks, and from non-Disney retailers.

For more photographs of Disney-related Stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, check out my post which has photographs I took while visiting Hollywood, California. And for a little added fun, check out a Hidden Mickey door handle I also saw while strolling down Hollywood Blvd.

FUN FACTS: National High Five Day is an actual ‘thing’ and was started to encourage the giving out of high fives and is typically held on the third Thursday in April. Did you join in last April or did you leave us all hanging?

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