Timex Winnie the Pooh Finger Watch

“We believe every watch has a soul. Ours comes from a relentless pursuit of craftsmanship, quality and design. In 1854, we combined European clockmaking and American ingenuity to take clocks from the mantels of the 1% and brought them to the world.” How’s that for an opening paragraph?

Yes, it’s the watch that ‘Takes a licking and keeps on ticking!’ – TIMEX. Remember the commercials where the guy was wearing his Timex watch and stuck his hand and wrist into a tub of water, just to prove how tough it was? That’s still impressive in a world where you dare not even sweat on your Smart Phone!

Timex has gone from big to bigger over the years, but then switched watch gears and went significantly smaller. Behold… the Finger Watch:

And who would be cuter on the face of such a small watch than Winnie the Pooh? That silly ol’ bear looks perfectly happy to watch the hands of time go around and around him!

To get an idea of the size of this finger watch, the box it comes in is about the same size as a ring box. It’s kind of obvious I guess, considering what it is. Because it looks bigger in the pictures, though, so I should include that the face is only 1/2″ in diameter!

Being so small, it left no room for numbers on the face. Only the brand name is shown other than the character himself. On the back we find the POOH logo and the word ‘Disney’ is in the script around the edge. I can also make out ‘Assembled in China’, ‘Stainless Steel Back’, ‘Use Metal (?) Only’, and then there is a single word I can’t make out. This is not a self-winding watch.

I placed the finger watch on my pinky finger for the picture above.

The watch came with a large fold-out set of instructions. As with most things, these instructions are a one-fits-all listing of information. This particular Timex does not have the Indigo Lighting, is not water resistant, and does not have a second hand.

There was an extended warranty offer. For just $5.00 you could your 1-year warranty by another 5 years. That’s just a buck a year! But you had to send in for it within 30 days of purchase.

There is no indication of a date of manufacture for the watch. I have had it for many years and purchased it used. I would estimate a timeframe in the late 1980s or in the 1990s.

If you’re interested in the history of the TIMEX watch company, you can click the link and visit the ‘Our Story and History’ section of their website. It’s very interesting! And if you’d like to see more Disney-themed finger watches, you can check out my Disney Rings post, which features this image of the finger watch in this post surrounded by nine Chinese knock-offs:

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