Disney Thrill Rides 5-Pack Die Cast Set

Best be removin’ ’em!” This warning is heard on Big Thunder Mountain in the Disney Parks as you are embarking on the ride. It refers to hats, glasses, and anything else that might fly out of the ride vehicle during the exhilarating attraction. But I think it can easily apply to any of the E-Ticket attractions represented in this 5-pack of die cast vehicles.

‘Packed with excitement and adventure’ well describes what you will find when you sit down and strap yourself into the space ship, train, and cars (called ‘ride vehicles’) below:

I’ve resisted the urge to open this piece of merchandise for years! I purchased it in Walt Disney World because I am fascinated with all forms of transportation. So when I saw how this set combined awesome attractions with awesome vehicles, I was handing my money to whoever would take it!

I like how the vehicles display when left in the packaging. But time has worn me down and I just had to open it up and play with the contents.

$18.00 US might seem a bit steep for this set but it works out to only $3.60 US per vehicle, plus tax.


“Blast off and slingshot around the moon for the ultimate journey to Mars aboard (the) Mission: Space Attraction!”

When I first rode this attraction, there was no ‘chicken’ version. It had only one very intense version, which I can confirm, was much more intense than the so-called intense version now. It’s the only time I’ve ever felt almost overwhelmed on a Disney ride! But just as I was thinking about tapping out, the ride slowed as we ‘achieved orbit’. Are you a Green or Orange Trainee?


“Hop into a futuristic race car and steer a course for top speed adventure on Test Track, one of Disney’s longest, fastest rides!”

I’m glad I got to ride this attraction in its original form. Now it has a convoluted car design element in the line area and a Tron look throughout. Definitely a Team Original guy here! Now I don’t enjoy the ride until it transitions to the test drive outside the show building. How about you? Are you Team Original or Team Tron?

As a side note: This die cast model was released in various colours. In individual packages, you could get red and blue, that I know of. I do have those but am looking for any other colours that may have been released. Must have the full set, you know!


“Climb towering peaks, make swift plunges and take breathtaking freefalls on the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad!”

This attraction hasn’t changed since it was introduced and that’s just fine with me! It isn’t the most intense roller coaster in the wilderness, but it is fun and very well themed. And it has a goat. So there’s that.


“Step into a Dinosaur Time Rover to begin an electrifying journey back through time to face a gargantuan asteroid and save a stray dinosaur!”

This ride is also pretty much unchanged from its introduction. It is very intense with frightening scenes and loud noises. In other words: It’s awesome! But no matter how many times you volunteer to help the Institute, you will always say: “That’s not our dino!”


“Get set for dizzying loops and leaps of imagination as you race through the flashy streets of Los Angeles in a super-stretch limo on (the) ROCK ‘N ROLLER COASTER Attraction!”

This is perhaps one of my favorite roller coasters! Largely because of what I did to my brother-in-law. He wasn’t too sure if he wanted to ride it but I told him it wasn’t that bad. I neglected to mention the launch from 0-60 miles an hour and the wild, jarring, track along with blaring music by Aerosmith. Details, details. Oh, and I convinced him that sitting in the front of the car would be fine. His screams were epic. His laughs after it was over were even better!

This is perhaps my favorite vehicle in the set. I love the level of detail:

Not much of a stretch limo, but the actual ride vehicles are longer. This is the only die cast model in the set that have a detailed bottom. The others are simply smooth with ‘Disney’ and ‘CHINA’ printed on them.

Check out the awesome grill work and long fins! I believe this is modeled after a Cadillac.

Just for fun, click on over to my post entitled If I Were a Disney Imagineer for a Day to see what change I would make to this iconic attraction. My idea may surprise you!

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