Goofy Motorama Die Cast Metal Collection Car

“I’m a Travelin’ Man. Made a lot of stops. All over the World!”Ricky Nelson

Mr. Nelson may have stopped in Mexico, Alaska, Berlin, Hong Kong, and Hawaii, but I bet he never got as far as Agrabah! But our intrepid Goof made it there and back in his vintage ol’ Jalopy.

Traveling to Agrabah

Yes, note the smile of accomplishment on that face. It’s probable that he achieved this feat of navigation with nothing but a fold-out map and a natural sense of direction. And if you believe that…

Now, the Goof wouldn’t embark on such a perilous journey alone! No, he’s part of a Car Caravan, if you will. You can see the whole group below:

Along for the adventure are Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Scrooge McDuck, and another character I don’t know the name of.

Goofy has outfitted his ride with everything one would need for a long road trip: A chest full of essentials, a bedroll, spare tire, and a padlock on the driver’s door handle to keep car thieves out of his convertible. Yeah. That’ll work.

The packaging says that this is a Die Cast Metal collectible. The main body may be metal but the rest of the parts: fenders, running boards, grill, lights and accessories are all plastic. I do like that the tires are made of a soft rubber and turn freely.

Both doors open. They reveal a water gauge on the driver’s side of the dash and a gas gauge on the passenger side of the dash:

I just noticed when photographing this toy for the post that it is missing a headlight lens (Driver’s side). I’m going to say that Goofy lost it in some minor fender-bender somewhere in his travels. And is that a spare tire on the back or an inner tube for swimming? Maybe he was planning on visiting some of the beaches in Agrabah?

It’s nice to see such a thorough level of detail on the bottom of this toy. You can see the oil pan, drive shaft, and crank case along with the gas tank. You can also see the Disney trademark, that it was made in China, and that the manufacturer was Motorama.

We’ll end this post with a slightly altered excerpt from a song by Bachman-Turner Overdrive:

The time’s real short, you know the distance is long
(Goofy’d) like to have a jet but it’s not in the song
Climb back in the (car), cross your fingers for luck
(He’s) gotta keep moving if (he’s) going to (beat the Duck!)

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