Book Review: The Official Batman Batbook

Publisher: Contemporary Books Inc.

Year: 1986

Pages: 172

Type: Softcover

ISBN: 0-8092-5035-7

“This book is dedicated to all of the arch villains of Gotham City, without whom Batman would be out of work.”

Holy Batman Batbook, Batman!

The cliques would be just too easy with a post based on Batman, the Caped Crusader, and his boyish sidekick, Robin. So I’ll try to contain myself. Somewhat.

Holy 60s kitsch, Batman! Joel Eisner is on the loose and spreading outrageous camp throughout Gotham City and the rest of the world! What will we do? There’s only one man capable of helping us figure out this conundrum: Batman! Well, I tried.

If you’ve ever wanted an exhaustive volume of information on both the Batman television series and the Batman Movie, this book is for you. Check out the contents:

Now that’s a complete list! Most of the pictures in the book are in black and white with an 8-page center spread of full-colour images.

Each season is broken down into episodes containing the Guest Cast, Plot Synopsis, BatTalk (interviews with cast or crew involved with the episode), BatFact(s), a list of Special BatEquipment, and a final Trivia Quiz. Mr. Eisner doesn’t call it ‘BatTrivia’. Now that’s a missed BatOpportunity!

The Villains in Full Colour

I can’t imagine how much time it would have taken the writer to compile every single EEE-YOW and THWACK, amoung other adjectives of biffery, that was heard throughout the series! And the list of ‘Holy’ whatevers is five pages long!

Enlarge for some ideas for the sound effects of your next fight. Holy Planning Ahead, Batman! And to sum up the book in its own words: “Holy Hijinks! Everything’s in here!”

Back Cover

When I say this book is exhaustive, I mean it! Standout features are the BatTalk and BatFact sections, giving keen insights into the production and just plain fun behind every episode. And the majority of photographs included in the book were pretty much unseen as of 1986.

Although the book does touch on the most iconic Batmobile of all time, the 1966 version, I think this car could have its own book. I just couldn’t resist ending with a shot of my die cast version!

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