Foodie Friday: Oversized Baymax Mug from Big Hero 6

We could all use a Personal Healthcare Companion! Someone to show compassion when we are hurt and who can kiss any wound better. And no one, or no robot, can do that better than Baymax from the Disney movie Big Hero 6.

And now he comes in a handy, albeit a big handy, coffee mug:

Imagine looking at that kindly face every morning! How could the day not start out on the right foot?

He has a Boo-boo !

Even a Personal Healthcare Companion can feel a little deflated at times. So even Baymax may need a Band-Aid!

I picked this up at a Disney Store some time ago. I was sold on it when I saw the Health Meter inside the cup. So on a scale of Happy Face to Pain face, what level are you feeling before your morning coffee?

Size Comparison

I’ve called this an oversized mug. It is much bigger than standard coffee mugs and can easily be used for soups or other liquids.

Why did I choose a Mr. Incredible mug to show the size of the Baymax mug? Because it reminded me of the post I did where I posed the question: Who had the best Action Figure? Mr. Incredible or Baymax, which ended in a Smackdown! Get ready to rumble and check it out.

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