Columbia 26 Rambler Bike with Mickey Mouse Horn

Since about mid-January I’ve been on a bit of a health journey. Due to indifference and lack of portion control, my weight had ballooned up to an alarming number! I determined to do something about it, and in just five months, I have lost over 50 pounds. Just 10 more to go to reach my target goal!

I’ve wanted to supplement my diet with more exercise. So I finally made the commitment and bought a bike. The ulterior motive for the purchase was so that I could finally mount my vintage Mickey Mouse Horn on a pair of handlebars:

Next to Mickey is a battery-powered light that shines constant or strobes, for added visibility at night.

The picture above shows the bike in the Showroom. It has just one speed with disc brakes. I loved it at first sight! The black colour scheme is awesome. She needs a name: Black Beauty? Shadow? Cobalt? What would you suggest?

Decked Out with Full Kit

I purchased the front light and it came with a rear light that can also shine constant or strobe. It is smaller and red. I mounted it on the seat post. I also installed a Raleigh Cell Phone bag which also has room for snacks or other things. Last but not least is the bike lock chain which I mounted just under the main beam. It has a quick release for usage.

So what do you think? Did I find Mickey a good home?

For a more detailed look at the Mickey Mouse Horn itself, please check out the post entitled Vintage Mickey Mouse Bicycle Horn. It even has an audio file so that you can hear Mickey’s mighty squeak!

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