Disney Store Pooh and Tigger Polar Plush

The Disney Store always has such great merchandise! It’s a shame that Disney has decided to close all of the stores and endorse only an online shopping presence. Of course, if you have access to a Target store in the US, you will still be able to buy selected Disney merchandise, but if you’re elsewhere in the world… nope.

But we still have a few months to shop before the doors are closed and lots of great items to look back on. Like these two frigid entries into the Winnie the Pooh franchise:

Hypothermia is better when shared

I assume they would have had other characters from the 100 Acre Wood as well. But I only have Winnie himself and Tigger, too! Hoo Hoo Hoo HOOOOOOO!

Variations of this motif exist, such as Winnie and Tigger wearing winter-themed sweaters or rendered in white with blue scarfs. I like this version because the little coats are so precious and the hoods even pull down. You can see in the picture of Tigger (above) that their ears push though the hoods. All the better to hear any Heffalumps or Woozles that might be sneaking up on you! Or worse yet… a Backson!

The tags confirm that these little plush figures came from the Disney Store. You can see with the tag on the right (above) where the price has been removed.

Do you know the most wonderful thing about posts about Tiggers? That this is the only one… in a million.

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