Movie Teen Illustrated Magazine featuring Disney Celebrities

If you grew up in the 1950s and 1960s, likely you gushed and giggled over every word that came out of the mouth of your favorite crush! Publishers took full advantage of the interest in even the youngest of celebrities, and filled pages of magazines with photographs, quotes, and just plain fake stories about any ‘name’ that would attract a reader.

One such magazine, Movie Teen Illustrated, appears to have been published between 1957 and 1968. You can visit to see a listing of many of the issues, including this one:

December 1962

I found this issue in a collectibles shop for a few dollars and noticed some familiar names: Hayley Mills and Annette on the cover, and a few more Disney stars inside. So I channeled my Inner Giggler and bought it.

Contents Page

This copious contents page lists more names than you could ever want to read about! But what I found interesting was that ‘The Wonderful World of Teens’ seemed to have a lot to do with kissing. Strange, as my teen years didn’t seem to have much kissing in them. Just proof that I should have been reading Movie Teen Illustrated!

This issue was ‘Another Hayley Mills Special’ and contained many pages devoted exclusively to her, such as this opening splash spread:

Main Story Spread

“The Imp with expressions she hasn’t used yet…” is a weird tagline! How do we know that? And that fact ‘gives other starlets something to shoot for.” What, making faces?

Hayley Mills Photo Gallery

The photo gallery above is wonderful for any Disney fan. Can you match the images to the Disney films?

Hayley Mills Gossip

“Hayley is a dozen little girls wrapped into one.” But apparently has only “Five Great Movies”. Did the other seven movies suck? So many questions…

But we don’t have time to ask them as it’s time to move on to another Starlet:

Annette Won’t be Left Out!

Apparently, Italy is now called ‘Boyland’. So Italians are now and forevermore to be referred to as Boylandians. And poor Annette has found herself surrounded by the inhabitants! Lucky her, I guess? You might recognize one of those boys as Tommy Kirk, one of Disney’s most-used male stars. IMDb has a nice little post about Escapade in Florence, the movie being plugged in the article above.

Brief nods are given to three other Disney regulars in the magazine:

From left to right we have Tim Considine (Shaggy Dog, My Three Sons), Suzanne Pleshette (The Shaggy D.A., Bob Newhart), and Kevin Corcoran (Old Yeller and more).

Magazines like this gave teens something to call their own and to share and gossip over during pajama parties. Remember those? I love finding these obscure Disney references in old media like this magazine. Don’t you?

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