Disney Novelty Plates by Gibson

Another day at the Thrift Store and another day of Disney finds. I did buy a few things but decided these two plates only warranted a photograph and a mention on the blog. I left them on the shelf to become part of someone else’s collection.

However, I was sorely tempted! But I noticed some slight wear on the images of both plates, and that was the deal breaker for me. I imagine these were part of a bigger set with other images, but can’t say for sure.

Roller Coaster Fun!

This was the plate I wanted the most, but you can see some wear on Minnie’s face, which got it placed back on the shelf. But what’s not to love about this image? Roller Coaster fun with four of our favorite Disney characters!

Here’s what the official website for Gibson USA has to say about the company today: “Gibson is the nation’ s leading producer of dinnerware, flatware, cookware, glassware, coffee and tea accessories, kitchen tools and gadgets, and other tabletop and housewares products. Through its family of national brands and private label collections, Gibson provides customized programs to the world’s largest retailers in every class of trade. We offer product development and creative design expertise, sourcing based on decades of experience, production management and industry-leading quality control.

It doesn’t appear that they have a Disney license anymore, but do have branding for Coca-Cola and the Peanuts characters.

Farming Hijinks!

Each plate was only $3.99 CAN. This is a pretty good price, but maybe a bit high for an incomplete set of plates with some wear. You can see that Minnie has taken the brunt of the abuse on the plate above. But hey, farming is a tough job. And dangerous if you’re trying to wrangle geese, as Mickey is finding out!

When I don’t decide to add items to my personal collection, I like to document them so as to preserve them, at least digitally, on the blog.

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