Hayley Mills ‘That Darn Cat’ Cut Out Doll and Wardrobe

The year is 1965. Two momentous events happen to make the world a better place: I am born. And Hayley Mills stars in That Darn Cat. The rest of the year isn’t much to write home about!

I can’t imagine why there wasn’t more merchandise of me produced, but Hayley certainly filled the void. Both she and her movie saturated the year and many years afterwards. But I’m not jealous. I’m happy for her success. Although a collectible Trading Card with my baby picture on it would have been nice.

Instead, we got, among other pieces of merchandise, this:


Whitman is best known for games and puzzles, but books and novelty items were also produced by this prolific company. That Darn Cat did well at the Box Office and so spawned, or sired, many unique promotional gimmicks. This is a cut out doll and wardrobe folder.

Open Folder with Hayley Cutout and Wardrobe Pieces

Hayley would be popped out of her niche and dressed with many different outfits which are kept in the ‘handy carry-pocket’. No doubt this enabled young girls to carry the folder and its contents over to their friends houses for awesome Hayley-themed sleepovers and pajama parties.

Hayley Ready for Costuming

I always found these ‘toys’ a bit creepy. Basically you have a character in their underwear and you can dress and undress them at will. Most sets would feature families (like the Partridges) or superheroes. In the case of families, you could be costuming very young persons. I don’t know… just seems sketchy to me!

Back Cover

The back cover of the folder has stills from the movie and a transcription of Hayley Mills autograph. This isn’t a ‘live’ autograph.

For more Hayley and Darn Cat fun, check out my book review of Walt Disney Presents: That Darn Cat by Golden Press. Or if you’d like to know where I placed Hayley on the list of Top Five Live-Action Disney Actresses, you can check out that link. Either way, or both, they prove that you just can’t get enough Hayley!

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