Pop! Animation Inspector Gadget Vinyl Figure

The cartoon version of Inspector Gadget first premiered on September 12, 1983 and starred the voice of Don Adams as the lead character. The program originally ran until 1986, broadcasting 86 episodes over two seasons. It seems like it was longer than that when you think back on how popular it was!

The show revolves around the adventures of a clumsy, dim-witted detective named Inspector Gadget. It’s obvious that he was created to be a cross between Peter Seller’s Inspector Clouseau and Don Adam’s Maxwell Smart. The big difference though is that Gadget is a cyborg / human combination with various bionic tools built into his body. His main nemesis is Dr. Claw, the leader of an evil organization known as “M.A.D.” Fortunately, just like his inspiration counterparts, he unknowingly benefits from the assistance of a more competent ‘subordinate’, in this case, his niece Penny and their dog, Brain.

It was only a matter of time before Funko immortalized this bumbling buffoon!


Inspector Gadget is pretty much a continuation of the popular 60s comedy GET SMART. Don Adams is best known for his portrayal of inept spy, Maxwell Smart, who still somehow manages to complete his missions successfully. It’s not uncommon for animated cartoons to copy old, live-action, television shows. The Flintstones was definitely a carbon copy of the Honeymooners, much to Jackie Gleason’s ire. But if a formula works, the entertainment business will work and rework it to milk the ratings!

As always, the box is fun! Above you can see the right side, back, and left sides respectively. There are two versions of Gadget available and one of Penny. I wish they would have skipped the flying version in favor of a Brain figurine.

This release is not a special or limited edition of any kind and sells for the usual $12.99 CAN. If you can wait until a particular figure has been available for a time, there is always a clearance sale! However, there is a Limited Chase Edition:

I have to admit: I wish I had this version! “Go-Go-Gadget Badge!” But now, back to the version that I do have…

He’s ‘Always on Duty!’

Bringing the Fedora back! No detective ever dressed so… so.

Yeah, because that always works…

It’s unusual that this Funko box doesn’t have a backing card with an image depicting a location relevant to the character. In other releases, this card is present and can be removed. Instead, this box has one of Inspector Gadget’s famous sayings on the flap of the top lid. I miss the backing card, but do like the addition of the catch phrase.

“Go-Go-Gadget Link!” Click on over to Original Radio Broadcast Long Play Records to continue your time with detectives like The Shadow, The Green Hornet, Sherlock Holmes, The Fat Man, and of course, The Thin Man. All of which are more competent than Gadget! Really, how could they be anything else?

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