Minnie Mouse Walt Disney World Back Scratcher

There just isn’t anyone around when you get that itch in a place you can’t reach! It’s a first-world problem, but a real annoyance, none the less.

Minnie Mouse has always been a helpful ‘person’. She wants to make everyone’s day a little bit brighter no matter what she has to do to make it happen. Even… scratching your back:

This would have been an inexpensive souvenir to remember your visit to Walt Disney World. It’s made of a light weight plastic and not the heavier Bakelite material that earlier versions seem to be made of. I do have two Mickey Mouse back scratchers made of that material.

Older back scratchers had the WDW Globe logo in this spot. But this later version has this rather generic Castle Logo instead. Original versions sold for just over a buck in the Parks but I had to pay $8.00 CAN to pick this one up in a local Antique Mall. So who has an itch?

Please check out my matching Mickey Mouse Back Scratcher from Walt Disney World with an alternate version included. Will I ever find a Donald Duck or Goofy version? Possibly, as I found these versions on an image site:

Different in style, but similar in character and function. I will have to redouble my efforts to complete my Disney back scratcher collection!

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