Disney Store Opening Ceremony Key Replicas

I’ve never managed to be at a Disney Store at ‘rope drop’, or as they call it, the ‘Opening Ceremony’. Each day before the store is officially opened to the public, the first person in line is chosen to ‘unlock’ the store with an oversized key. It is this key, or at least a replica of it, that is the focus of this post today.

But before we get to the replica, let’s have a look at the real thing in a video showing an opening ceremony in progress:

Video by pitypang79

All Disney Stores have the key used in the ceremony on display in a box behind the checkout counters. It looks like this:

Actual Disney Store Full-size Opening Ceremony Key

At the end of the video the guest was given a replica key. This isn’t the special one we are featuring, but a plastic one. Like this, only different:

Less detail than the original or the special replica

I received my plastic replica version for free at my local Disney store because I bought the Disney Rewards Special Edition below:

I saw this beautiful box during my last visit to the Disney Store and passed on it at that time. But, as usual, I regretted my decision! So I went back and picked it up. I feel fortunate to have gotten one because there weren’t many left.

The box opens up in two stages to reveal a velvety ‘pillow’ upon which sits embedded the awesome Opening Ceremony Key replica.

Pictures don’t do it justice! It is six inches long and made of a metal. It’s of a very good quality with a nice level of detail.

The box tells us that this ceremony has been going on since 2010. This special replica was released in 2020 to commemorate 10 years of unlocking our imaginations each and every business day. You can also see the price of $41.99 CAN which I felt was a little high but… I think it was worth the cost to have “the magic… in (my) hands!”

Replicas Compared

In the image above, the plastic replica is on top with the metal replica below. You can really see how much more detailed the metal replica is. The foliage is raised and sharper and colour deeper.

Have you ever attended an Opening Ceremony at your local Disney Store? Did you get to turn the key and unlock the imagination?

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