Hallmark Keepsake ‘Mickey Mouse Radio’ Ornament

The true Age of Radio has passed. The sad part is that most aren’t in mourning because of it! From evening musical programs to exciting westerns, comedy hours to The War of the Worlds, radio was the sole entertainment for an entire generation! Now it’s just a source of repetitive programming and commercials.

But back in its heyday, radio was King. So it was wonderful to see this Hallmark Keepsake Ornament released to keep the memories alive!

Time to Tune In

Designed to emulate the classic cabinet style of radios at the turn of the last century, this ornament has such a high level of detailing it’s almost too much to take in! Mickey rocking the stand-up bass is a nice touch.

Tom Best is the artist who crafted this particular piece. He is an official artist for Hallmark.  He has been doing ornament designs since 2003. You can see many of his other designs by clicking the link.

Hallmark usually demands a premium for these keepsakes. This one costs $29.99 US or $37.99 CAN. If an ornament prices out at over $20.00 it will most likely have a special feature, like movement, sound, or music.

On both sides and the back we have wonderful images of Mickey playing different instruments. Each one has musical notes flying around making for a very fun design feature.

And you just can’t go wrong with a Hidden Mickey! On the bottom of the radio we find the holes for the speaker are shaped like the head of our favorite mouse.

Now it’s time to sit back and relax as we listen to this evenings programming:

Here is a list of the segments:

Mickey’s Music Hour / Dedication from Donald to Daisy / ‘You Can Fly’ song from Peter Pan Mickey’s Mystery Theatre / Weatherman Mickey / ‘When You Wish Upon a Star’ from Pinocchio Goofy’s Wild Wild Western

It comes with three cell batteries. You simply remove the battery compartment door, insert the batteries, and replace the door. Then when you twist the dial on the front of the ornament, the face lights up and the sound bites start. You have to twist again to activate each one.

These ornaments make great year-round display pieces.

If you’re interested in old radio programs, you can check out one of my earlier posts which shows many albums containing vintage broadcasts from some of the era’s most famous acts. These include Gene Autry, Edgar Bergen (the cover of which shows an old radio much like the one emulated by this ornament), Jack Benny, Ozzie and Harriet, and even a selection of Vaudeville presentations. One was recorded by Thomas Edison in 1888!

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