Original Artwork: Mickey Mouse and a New Friend

Many years ago I attended a college for the Arts. I was already an avid reader of comic books and so was constantly sketching my favorite heroes and cartoon characters.

By studying more seriously I was able to go from copying to creating. In more recent years I only have time to dabble. Below is a little ink rendering of Mickey Mouse that I’ve done:

Not likely to get me a job with Disney, but I think I did a pretty fair likeness. I added my own crosshatching for shadows (under the nose) and pointillism (on the tongue) to add a little interest.

Then I went on to see if I could create a character in the Disney style. Below is my attempt:

The debate about Pluto and Goofy both being dogs and why is one on all fours and barking while the other is on two legs and talking rages on! I wanted to see if I could create a character that looked like a dog but would be a contemporary of Mickey and his anamorphic friends.

Did I succeed? I never named him/her, so if you have a suggestion, I’d love to hear it!

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