Foodie Friday: Coca-Cola Tic Tacs with Store Display

I like to do things that make normal people go: “Wait, what now?” When I walked into the convenience counter of a gas station and handed the clerk an entire package of Tic Tacs, well, he was taken aback. Perfect! My day was made.

But in my defense… they’re Coca-Cola flavored candies! Buying one 29g pack just didn’t make sense in the grand snacking scheme of things.

Oh YES I did !

The store display has twelve 26g packages in it. One or two of these displays are usually opened in the bigger racking stand with the rest still wrapped in cellophane. You’re meant to take a couple of small packs and leave. So I grabbed an unopened box and headed to the checkout.

Although there is a bar code on the back of the box it wouldn’t scan. The store never expected anyone to buy so many at once and so hadn’t programmed the cash register to accept it.

Store Packaging – End

This is advertised as a Limited Edition. I hope that doesn’t mean that these will soon be going away!

Store Packaging – Side

The bottom of the box gives me the biggest chuckle of all: Nutritional Facts! For a Tic Tac? Who cares?

Nutrition? It’s Candy!

The ingredients do state that actual Coca-Coal Drink is used to make these little gems. But first, they are loaded with sugar but sadly contain no caffeine.

Taste Review: When you try a product that is meant to mimic the flavor of another product, one is usually skeptical. The copy rarely tastes exactly like, or even close to, the original. But in this case… these are Coke in a pill! They are so awesome there will need to be a wing in every Addiction Centre for Coca-Cola Tic Tac patients. If you love ‘Coke the drink’ you will love-love ‘Coke the mint’!

If you’re a Pepsi drinker… it may be time to consider switching allegiances!

For more Coke fun, check out this Coca-Cola Drink Organizer and/or this cool Nostalgia Wall Clock with lots of 50s kitsch, including… Coca-Cola!

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