Walt Disney World Straw Hat – Boater or Panama?

Many walk around the Disney Parks sporting all sorts of Mickey Ears. Or perhaps baseball caps with images of favorite characters on them. Or one of the extra-weird offerings that can be found in just about every gift shop on property.

But the truly stylish person is going to want something a bit more up-scale. So let’s go back in time to when men always wore hats and when the hat they chose said a lot about the man wearing it.

It Just May Defy Classification

First, we need to know just what kind of hat this is. Is it a Fedora? No, for that vintage hat is always made of high quality felt. However, the style of our hat does share some features with the Fedora, like the brim and braided edging. Is it a Trilby? This hat is sometimes called the Crumpled Fedora, as it is a more casual version of the Fedora. So our hat can’t be a Trilby.

How about a Homburg? A Homburg was worn in a formal business setting. We can’t imagine our hat atop the head of a powerful CEO, now can we? So, no again. Next, it could it be a Pork Pie Hat. It’s close, as the top of our hat is the right shape, but it has too wide of a brim.

We can eliminate the possibilities of it being a Bowler/Derby hat (think Laurel and Hardy), or Top Hat (think Fred Astaire). The shape and material of our hat just don’t match those iconic hats!

One-Size-Fits-All Adults

The Western Hat is very close. But our hat just isn’t big enough, and obviously, no cowboy ever wore a straw version of a Stetson!

The two hat styles that remain might be the closest. So last we have the Boater and the Panama. Unfortunately, our hat isn’t exactly either of these… either. But if a Boater and a Panama got together and had a baby, it would probably look like our hat!

The Boater is always straw in composition, so there’s that. The shape is wrong, but Boaters are worn by Barber Shop Quartets like The Dapper Dans of Disney Park fame. Our hat comes from Walt Disney World. A stretch, but I’m milking it. Finally we have the famous Panama Hat. This can be made of a straw-like material and shares much in shape and style with our hat, but with some notable differences. For example, our hat has no indentations in the sides.

Just Chillin’

Technically, we have the material of a Boater, with the brim of a Fedora, but with the overall style of a Panama Hat. Trust Disney to favor an homage to several men’s fashion staples of the past instead of just picking one and slapping their name on it! But it’s cool. And that’s enough.

For a look at some more common Disney hats, check out my previous post featuring an assortment of Disney-themed head toppers.

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  1. Kevin Gramlin says:

    And the hat is called a Gambler hat.

  2. Kevin Gramlin says:

    Where did you find the hat?? I am looking for one just like this when we go in October.

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