American Tourister DISNEY Luggage ID Tags

We are planning a trip in September. While at our local CAA office, looking into insurance and such, we saw and purchased some new luggage. But something was missing. Something that would easily identify said luggage as OURS when tumbling around a carousel with hundreds of other bags.

And with a stray glance at a merchandise rack, we found:

Front of Packaging

I’m sure it’s okay that our luggage is not of the American Tourister brand. At least I hope they don’t have people at the airport making sure everything is all matchy-matchy! Hey, the brand we bought was on sale, so who could blame us?

We already have Hidden Mickey Luggage Tags. But if you’ve read this blog for any amount of time, you know I can’t resist adding a piece of Disney merch to my collection!

These tags are made out of a durable heavy plastic. The information card is well protected and easy to read.

Back of Packaging

These tags were only $6.99 CAN each after my Member Discount.

AAA/CAA have some amazing products for sale to cover all of your traveling needs. We have a membership and have always been pleased with their service. And we’ve always found that the people who work there seem to love Disney!

For another travel-related post, please check out Disney Vacationing for Canadians and Others where I mention what AAA/CAA can do for you when planning your trips.

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