Buzz Lightyear SQUISHMALLOWS Plush from Hallmark


And just what is a Squishmallow you ask? Here is the official spiel from the website: “Welcome to the Squishmallows Squad! Squishmallows plush are here to fill your hearts with happiness and squishy content! Since 2017, the unbelievably squeezable Squishmallows plush have grown into an international phenomenon. With more than 1000 Squishmallows plush characters to collect, fans can build a squad that reflects their interests, hobbies, sports, aspirations, emotions, or even their name! Every Squishmallows plush character has its own unique name and storyline! Discover every adorable ‘Mallow and personalize your Squishmallows Squad today! Ready. Set. Squish!

And now you know. Hallmark is listed as a retailer for the squishy phenomenon but Buzz Lightyear doesn’t appear to be a character listed on the website yet. So the partnership with Disney must be pretty new.

So here is everyone’s favorite squishy Space Ranger:

To Squishness… and Beyond!

He comes in two sizes. Characters in this line are divided into 21 ‘Squads’ and each have individual names and back stories. Hallmark only had this one Pixar character with no others on the shelves. The tag also gives no indication as to who is included in the ‘Collect Us All!’ invitation.

I thought $32.99 CAN was a bit costly for a plush of this size. But a price increase isn’t unusual when Disney partners with name brands to create an exclusive line of merchandise.

They do have a nice level of detail though. And I can confirm that they are indeed irresistibly squishy!


You can visit The Official Website by clicking the link. Choose ‘Collector’s Guide’ to see every character released thus far with it’s name and backstory listed. You can also find a complete list of retailers where you can find just the right Squishmallow for you!

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