Vinylmation Vultures from Disney’s The Jungle Book

Okay, Lads! It’s time to visit the bleakest place on earth… Liverpool. Err, sorry! I meant the Badlands, to meet the Cast of our post. They’re four young boys from England who made it big in entertainment. Have you guessed who they are yet?

Yes, you are right! The Fab Fowls themselves – The Vultures from Disney’s The Jungle Book.

The Fab Fowls

Please, no autographs.

These four characters appeared briefly in the 1967 movie The Jungle Book when the Beatles were at the height of their popularity. So a parody was on point for the times. When you watch their introductory scene, you will notice that some liberties were taken in the translation of the original men into vultures. The looks of each one wasn’t spot on, nor were most of the voices. But it was obvious who the birds were supposed to be!

Let’s have a look at each of the four Vinylmation Jr. figures in turn and compare them to each of The Beatles. See if you agree with my comparisons:

The hair is the wrong colour but I think the tussled hair, the grin, and maybe the nose, are a match.

This is definitely closer! Paul was always joking around, often caught laughing on recordings, and has been photographed with his mouth open many times. Even the hair, although the wrong colour again, is close in style.

This time we have the right hair colour and style. George was a tad quieter than the other lads but did have a nice smile. When you watch the video below, I think you’ll agree that this vulture is the only one that closely matches the voice of his inspiration.

Poor Ringo gets the least flattering depiction of all! The vulture in the movie bears no resemblance to the Star (see what I did there?) but I think the vinyl figure captures his nose. I’m so, so sorry Mr. Starr!

So, what do you want to do? I want to watch a video. And as you will see, that makes me much more decisive than the vultures:

These are mini or smaller versions of the usual Vinylmation figures which measure 3″ tall. Vinylmation Jr. figures only measure 1 1/2″ tall.

The Backside Boys

Although the front of each vulture is unique and a good representation of the characters from the movie, if not of The Beatles, the back sides of each one are generic and the same.

Vinylmation Jr.

These were a Disney Store exclusive.

Let’s end this post with a reworking of one of The Beatles first big hits. ‘I Want to Hold Your Hand’ landed at No. 1 in America on November 29th of 1963. It kick-started the British Invasion. If you’ve ever wondered what the song would sound like if it were sung by four hungry vultures, read on. But please keep the screaming to a minimum so everyone can hear:

Oh, yeah, I tell you something
I think you’ll understand
When I say that something’s
I wanna eat you man
I wanna eat you maaaaan
I wanna eat you man

And when I taste you, you feel good inside
It’s such a feeling that my drool
I can’t hide
It flows like the tide
I can’t hide

Yeah, you got that something
I think you’ll understand
When I say that something’s
I wanna eat you man
And I wanna nibble your haaaaand
I just wanna gobble you up

Yes, I wanna eat you man, man, man, man, man, maaaaan!

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