Disney-themed Wool Knit Sweaters by Jean

My mother is a very artistic woman. In the past, she wrote poetry (even publishing a compellation book called The Lady in Red, reviewed on this blog), painted, and even knitted up a storm! She knew my wife and I liked Disney and so began a lengthy project on our behalf: Large wool knit sweaters.

Below, you can see the finished products modeled next to the knitter herself:

The Great Knits

I was brought up by English parents in Canada. I was born here but have many European idiosyncrasies, like insulting those I love! Yup. It’s a British thing. I have fond (?) memories of being called ‘A Great Nit’ many times during my childhood. Technically, it means ‘someone who presents themselves as a person of great importance, but who’s actual credentials are spurious or questionable’. But my parents affectionally meant it as a way of saying you were a twit. Yes. Feel the love.

But I couldn’t help but ‘feel the love’ when me Mum knitted these two very detailed sweaters! The amount of work that went into them is incredible.

I remember her telling me the pattern wasn’t written for the way she knitted and so she had to transcribe it and make adjustments as she went.

The Models

I think the end results are brilliant! Just for fun, ‘brilliant’ is another English slang term that means when something is exciting or wonderful, particularly when something is very well done, one proclaims it as ‘brilliant’!

Do you think these sweaters fit such an exclamation?

Years ago I had to undergo several delicate eye surgeries and stayed at a friends home to recover, as the hospital where I had the procedures done in was far from my own place of residence. One night my hosts invited some other of our friends over for a meal but my eye was still quite swollen and not looking very pretty to display. I wore sunglasses, and so did everyone else, to make me feel less conspicuous! That explains the picture below, but it is really included to show off our Disney-themed sweaters:

In the Wild

We still have the sweaters today. My mother is now in a long-term care facility suffering from dementia, but she still dabbles in painting and crafts. It’s nice that she can still exercise her creativity! It’s a great comfort to me to have things like her book of poetry and these sweaters as a lasting remembrance of the woman she was.

For more Disney-themed clothing items, check out my earlier post about Disney makeup and costuming. If you’re crafty, there are many ideas for those of all ages!

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