Mickey Mouse on a Scooter Sticker

In Italy, Mickey Mouse is called Topolino. On the sticker I’m showing here he is wearing traditional, or stereotypical, Italian clothing. The cap and sweater are especially common touches when media tries to depict a Sicilian.

He is riding a very Italian vehicle, the Scooter. But not just any brand of Scooter, but a

Vespa is an amazing icon in transportation history. Please check out the link to their website to check out the history and present day innovations of this timeless company.

Meep Meep

Mickey, or Topolino, seems to be embarking on a trip. He has a packed suitcase and appears to be waving ‘goodbye’. Or he’s thumbing his nose at someone, who can tell?

This sticker is probably from the 70s or 80s but I do have some more modern merchandise featuring Mickey and scooters in both FIGURINE and ORNAMENT form. And lest we forget, the recent movie LUCA also features Disney and a Vespa:

LUCA Vespa Knock-off

Okay, I swear that a real Vespa is awesome! And looks way better than this one.

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