Winnie the Pooh Miniature PVC Figures

Sometimes you just have to splurge. Discount bags at charity shops are great places to get inexpensive collectibles. They may not always be in the best of shape, but you have to compromise somewhere!

For just a buck or two I picked up all of the following PVC figurines of everyone’s favorite bear of little brain but awfully BIG heart:

Now that’s a BIG heart!

No matter the problem, Pooh won’t really know what to do, but he always seems to make the situation better somehow. I think that just may be the definition of having a big heart!

It’s fun that these three figurines above look like the same one but in different poses, as if it was a fully posable figure. But it’s not! Just Pooh posing up a storm!

You just knew there’d be hunny!

Usually Pooh is shown to look a certain age, although I have no idea what that age is meant to be. Mentally he is a child. But the figurine above makes him look more like a child than is normally the case.

Ah, friendship! Now the figurine on the right, above, is a bit strange. Again, Pooh looks younger than usual, almost an infant. And what happened to his head?!? Did the bee sting him?

Careful! He’ll get your keys sticky.

Back to his normal age and indulging in his favorite pastime: Eating hunny! But if you’ve ever seen Pooh eat honey, you probably won’t want him anywhere near your keys.

If you’re a fan of the little bear all stuffed with fluff, simply type ‘Winnie the Pooh’ into the search bar at the top of the blog page (right corner) and countless posts will appear for your perusal. But if you only have time for one, check out Winnie the Pooh Thinks a Thunk. I think it just may be the best thought you’ll have today!

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