Art of Disney 4-Park Collector Set Photomechanical Lithographs

Disney often releases lithographs to promote movies or Theme Park projects to generate interest in the buying public. These can be given away if you attend a seminar or if you pre-order some piece of merchandise. Unfortunately, I can’t remember where I got this set from.

Each image features Mickey Mouse in one of the four main Theme Parks of the Walt Disney World Resort. Tinkerbell flies in to add a touch of Pixie Dust just to make things a bit more magical!

Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom opened on October 1st of 1971. Mickey is pictured in his Dapper Duds and the image shows many opening day attractions, but focuses on the iconic Cinderella Castle. Although Pixie Dust appears in all of the prints, Tinker Bell herself only appears here.


EPCOT Center opened on October 1st of 1982. Mickey sports either a space suit or protective racing car gear and is surrounded by some of the most popular attractions of this Park. By now you have noticed the reoccurring theme of the Hidden Mickey frame?

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Disney’s Hollywood Studios opened as Disney/MGM Studios on May 1st of 1989. This image takes Mickey back to his cinematic roots (Steamboat Willie) and adds some more modern attractions to the opening day ones, such as the much-maligned Sorcerer’s Hat. The stunt show is also shown but is no longer in the Park.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Last to open was Disney’s Animal Kingdom on April 22nd of 1998. The Tree of Life takes center stage, or center Mickey, with other favorite attractions filling out the ears. Mickey is of course in his Safari outfit.

The Certificate of Authenticity tells us that this was released by The Art of Disney Theme Parks using a process perfected by the R. R. Donnelley company. These are Photomechanical Lithographs. A photomechanical print is a mechanical reproduction of a photo image that is printed in ink, often by a printer’s press and are not the product of a photographic process. Their supports are not light-sensitive, and light plays no direct role in image production. Instead, the image has been impressed or transferred mechanically from a inked plate or other surface, which has been created using a photographic negative as its image source.

I just call them ‘Pretty Pictures’.

These are printed on acid-free archival paper and are suitable for framing. As usual, the artist(s) are not credited.

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