Post Toasties Original Cereal Box Framed Art

Post Toasties was an early American breakfast cereal made by Post Foods. It was named for its originator, C. W. Post, and intended as the Post version of corn flakes. The brand is now defunct but you can still buy Frosted Flakes, so all is not lost!

In 1935, Post Toasties became the first cereal to license the image of Micky Mouse for its packaging and advertisements. You can see one such pairing below:

In the late 80’s, I owned and ran a small picture-framing store. One day a customer brought in a framed picture and asked me to redo the backing, matt, and glass, with an upgrade to acid-free products. I asked if she wanted the old backing and glass and she said ‘No’. Upon removing the old backing materials, I found among the layers this Post Toasties cereal box panel from the 1930’s!

Naturally, I framed it.

The cut-outs were found on the back of specially marked boxes, like this one below:

Stores would have displayed advertisements in or near the cereal isles to entice children. Having Mickey Mouse prominently pitching for Post Toasties would definitely have sold a few extra boxes! I’ve included an image of one such advertisement below:

I hope you noticed that the cut-out that I framed is featured in the top left corner of the advertisement. How cool is that?

Sometimes the things that become priceless are the things that come into your life for free!

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