Mickey Mouse Throw Pillows

We all need to be propped up once in a while. A nice throw pillow or cushion can be just the thing to lend support while you binge watch the latest must-see television program. On Disney+, of course!

I’d like to share two large examples in this post:

Who’s Happy to See Ya?

It’s like Mickey is saying “Just fall back into my arms and relax!”, isn’t it? This is a simple design with a Hidden Mickey motif behind a raised Mickey figure. Because Mr. Mouse is in his classic clothing, and the copyright is simply ‘Disney’, this pillow could be from the 70s on up to the present.

Secondly, we have what I consider to be a rather failed promotional logo. Mickey is shown in a tuxedo as he celebrates his 60 years as a Disney star:

Dapper Mickey

Although this cushion is copyrighted 1987 (The Walt Disney Company) it was for the 1988 commemoration of Mickey’s ‘birthday’ in 1928. Hence the 60 years. Yes, I ‘math’.

This exact logo was slapped on everything. I even had a 3D version of it interpreted as a gumball machine:

Unfortunately, it got knocked off of a high display perch and didn’t survive. This was definitely an 80s look and I just don’t think it stands up to the test of time.

If you like it though, maybe you’ll appreciate this brief video showing the progression of Mickey through the years:

Video: Jon ACME

We know Mickey continued to evolve, and now he is at a point where many are unhappy with his present animated look. But don’t worry! If Mickey is known for anything, it’s changing with the times. So, just you wait. A new look that such ones will like is sure to be just around the corner! And when it debuts, I’m sure Disney will slap it on a cushion.

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