History 101: How the Disleelandia Logo Came to Be

I was visiting Walt Disney World for a year or two before I started this blog. Although the Archives show the first post as going live in 2011, the real debut of Disleelandia was in 2009. An unfortunate happenstance caused a few years hiatus (2017-19) and the loss of the first two years of posts. But we’re back!

The picture I use for the blog logo was taken by myself while riding a Water Taxi on The Seven Seas Lagoon. I was in the open front of the boat with other passengers. Across from me was a young girl wearing a green Mickey Ears hat with blue Hidden Mickeys:

We were passing the old Discovery Island and I could see that the roundness of the hat and ears against the linear landscape of the island, the water, and the sky, would make a great shot!

The slight blurriness of the image and over-sharpness of the colours comes from a malfunction in the camera I was using at the time. Because of that, I wasn’t able to get very many pictures from that trip. It took a little computer manipulation to make the shot useable, but I think the end result is striking.

‘Making lemonade out of lemons’ applies to photography, as well!

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