Disney’s Donald Duck Merchandise Overload

I frequent antique malls and flea markets but often find that some of the best Disney merchandise can be found at the humble yard sale. Truly, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure!

I attended a multi-family yard sale years ago and someone was selling off their personal Donald Duck collection. I couldn’t buy it all, but did manage to snag some unique and fun pieces. Such as:

Well, it does say “No Swimming”

Pencil toppers are pretty common and usually consist of a character stuck atop a plain pencil. But this version takes it to the next level! It’s a pencil with a story: Donald is in swim wear and has to climb a pole to avoid being eaten by a shark because he ignored the ‘No Swimming’ sign. Oh, Donald!

Magnets are a fairly standard souvenir but I thought this one was pretty special. And I just love Disney-themed tins, don’t you? Especially when they come filled with candy!

Always No. 2

Notice that the number on Donald’s car is a ‘2’. Why that number? Well, he is always one step behind the Leader of the Band, the Head Mouse, Mickey, who is the official No. 1 on the Disney lot! Mickey Mouse. Donald Duck! Mickey Mouse. Donald Duck!

Frisbees, candles, and weird brushes. There isn’t anything that Disney won’t slap a character on. And we love it! Donald doesn’t look like he’s loving his ride on the frisbee, though.

I don’t think those gumballs are coming out…

“No, No! Don’t eat it though. It’ll make you ill!” A little Muppet Movie quote for you there, but seriously, don’t eat the gumballs from this machine! Ick to Infinity. And how did they get stuck up there like that anyway?

That concludes our look at ducky merch. Are you in Camp Mickey or Camp Donald?

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