Tiny TV Classic ‘Retro 60s’ – BATMAN

“Holy Miniaturization, Batman!” Has the Joker shrunk the Bat TV? Or has some other nefarious villain, like a Network Executive, changed the programming format? Will our tiny heroes be able to overcome this huge problem? Tune in right now to find out!

Okay, citizens of Gotham! It’s time to take up your positions in front of the television for another adventure featuring the Caped Crusader and the Boy Wonder! But first, grab your magnifying glass, you’re going to need it!

Front of Packaging

Walmart is now selling a fun line of merchandise called Tiny TV Classics. You can click the link to check out the manufacturing company’s website to see the full line available. Or check out the link to my other post about the Back to the Future version. Adam West / Batman will appreciate your efforts!

Burt Ward / Robin the Boy Wonder spews some of his best “Holy Whatever’s” on the tiny two inch (or so) screen as six different clips from the original 60s program are shown in full colour and with sound! You will even here Caesar Romero / The Joker laugh. You can’t miss that, now can you?

Basic Fun! is the company responsible for these wonderful miniature gadgets. What they can’t do with this new fangled technology nowadays, eh what? Why in my day, we had to walk ten miles, uphill both ways and back and sideways, just to see a blind man and his dog put on a puppet show! Believe it, citizen!

But if you’re finding it hard to believe that something so small could possibly pack in so much nostalgic fun, then watch the video below. If you don’t, it’ll be a CAT-astrophy!

Sorry, it’s another dreaded Vertical Video!

Tune in next week to the same BAT BLOG at the same BAT TIME for another… oh wait. There aren’t any more. Forget it. Just read on…

Back of Packaging

We only got three seasons of this campy crime fighting duo from the DC Comics Universe, but what a trio of seasons they were! Unfortunately, this little TV doesn’t have an episode featuring BATGIRL. Zounds! Did the Riddler prognosticate a propounded conundrum to curtail the feisty crime fighting vixens’ appearance so perplexing that it bamboozled the Bombastic Duo themselves? I hope not! I don’t want to have to type that again.

Maybe just go to Walmart and pick up one of these things for yourself. It can be yours for just $29.97 CAN. “Holy Commerce, Batman! What a bargain!”

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