Book Review: Kids Say the Darndest Things!

Publisher: Prentice Hall, Inc.

Year: 1957

Pages: 194

Type: Hardcover

ISBN: Book Club Edition

If I was an elefunk, I’d be a fireman, ’cause then I could squirt fires out with my nose.”

And there’s more where that piece of logic came from! Yes, it’s page after page of hilarious viewpoints of our youngest citizens. Art Linkletter never knew what they were going to say on his House Party program, but he knew it would be funny! And so, this book is funny.

Yes, a quip, slip, or a shocker could make any adult’s face turn red! But when you read some of the outrageous stories and family secrets these young children shared on live television, you can only imagine the regret the parents felt about agreeing to participate!

Before we go on, I’d just like to point out the dust jacket and the actual cover of the book. Do you do this too? The first thing I do when I buy a hard cover book with a dust jacket is remove it to see if the cover underneath is the same or different. In this case, we have a whimsical drawing of a child with big boots to fill. You know it was drawn by the great Charles M. Schulz, but more on that later.

The front and back flaps give a synopsis of why the book was written along with a little bit of history on the man responsible for all the hilarity.

Now next is what made me buy this book. Not only was it written by Art Linkletter, who hosted the opening of Disneyland, but it also contains an introduction by Walt Disney himself! Add the illustrations by Schultz and you have a literary treasure.

Below are three examples of the contents of the book:

Look Familiar?

I think that’s good old Charlie Brown without his signature shirt. I’m sure of it, for who else catches a baseball with his head? Thumbnails abound in this volume and are worth the read for them alone.

So far, we have seen quite a bit of celebrity power and endorsement. But wait, there’s so much more. Check out what the following stars had to say about the book:

Back of Dust Jacket

If you want a couple more Disney tie-ins: Bob Cummings co-hosted the opening day televised broadcast of Disneyland along with Linkletter. And later, in 1971, Bob Hope would be on hand to host the opening of Walt Disney World in Florida. So I would say this is an interesting, albeit unusual, collectible for any Disney fan!

But aside from that, I would give this book 5 out of 5 Stars. It’s fun. It harkens back to a simpler time. It’ll make you laugh! And who doesn’t need more laughter in their lives?

For just under $12.00 US you can get a 2005 reprint of this book on Amazon. Here is what that site has to say about the rerelease:

Almost 50 years since its first printing, this famous collection of children’s wisdom and witticisms is now back in print in a facsimile edition to entertain a whole new generation. KIDS SAY THE DARNDEST THINGS! includes the best of the unconsciously funny, everyday thoughts and reactions kids shared with kid-at-heart Art Linkletter on his long-running radio and television series House Party .Gems include tips for conjuring up a sibling: “Give Mommy a lot of real sweet food so she’ll get fat -that’s how you get a baby “;and hysterical observations: “Our pussycat has got some kittens and I didn’t even know she was married. “Illustrated with cartoons by Charles Schulz (yes, that Charles Schulz) and with a new introduction by Bill Cosby, KIDS SAY THE DARNDEST THINGS! will prove as popular with the readers of today as it was when it first was published five decades ago.”

Bill Cosby, eh? Might have been better to stick with the introduction by Walt Disney, knowing what we know now.

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