Mickey and Minnie Ceramic Face Wall Hangings

You just never know what a trip to the local charity shop will provide in the way of interesting collectibles! Sometimes I find wonderful treasures and other times I come away with a pair of shorts… or nothing. But the hunt is always exciting!

My last trip yielded several Disney-related items, including as this pair of wall hangings:

Faces Front

Obviously intended as a set, these matching Mickey and Minnie heads, or faces, make a great display. And they’re so happy!

Minnie has always been drawn simply as a copy of Mickey but with eye lashes and a bow. So we can assume that the sculpt for these pieces would have been identical at first. Before being finalized, a bow would have been added for Minnie. Lastly, Mickey would have eye brows added and Minnie would get eye lashes during the final paint process.

Both characters look the same from the back with a hollowed out ‘head’ and a hole for a nail so that they can be hung on the wall. The image, above right, shows the copyright as ‘Disney’ and ‘Japan’ for the manufacturing country.

Hanging Around with the Gang

I’m not sure if this will be the final display place for these wall hangings. I was thinking of putting them over our headboard, with Mickey on my side and Minnie on my wife’s side. We’ll see.

I paid just $6.99 CAN for each. Again, you have to love charity shops!

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